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Can you climb all the way to the top?

What is Cubegrid?

Cubegrid is an addicting puzzle game with lots of puzzling fun. The perfect pastime gaming experience for anyone who loves tricky brain teasers and strategy. A puzzle game perfect against boredom for children aswell as adults. Push your cube through numerous levels and collect different colors to advance. Overcome difficult obstacles and blockades. When you clear the colorfields from the board, you get to the next puzzle. Exercise your braincells, use strategy and logic to achieve your goal in the fewest turns possible. Experience challenging levels, various obstacles and loads of puzzle fun in 80 variying, colorful puzzles. This mobile version allows every puzzle enthusiast to exercise their gray cells as they see fit.

Game features:

  • easy controls
  • simple gameplay
  • colorful 3D gaming experience
  • 80 varied levels
  • Loads of puzzle fun
  • Increasing level of difficulty
  • Many different cube skins to personalize and unlock
  • no time limit
  • Brain excersising
  • Playable without WiFi connection


Made!!! 🥳

After we founded our company Alchemical in February, we released our first game just a few months later: CUBEGRID. Now we can finally proudly announce the #international release of the app! It was a long and sometimes hard road, combined with some ups and downs, many night shifts, but also a lot of fun, creative solutions and, above all, passion. As a young team of developers, we grew on this project and were also able to gain a lot of experience, from developing for mobile platforms to the monetization of apps. We will take this positive energy with us into our upcoming projects, because we are by no means lacking in creative ideas. Our next game EVOTILES is already in the starting blocks. If you want to take a look, you can download CUBEGRID for your smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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This year's "Long Night of Computer Games". @HTWKLeipzig was a really great experience for our whole team. 🙏 Thanks to @gamecritic_red for this wonderful article. ♥️

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