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Combine the tiles and get trough the eras with a new 2048 highscore puzzle game.

Reach the top of the EVOlution!

Evotiles is a unique sliding puzzle and ranked game based on the game principle of the well-known puzzle fun 2048. Combine tiles of the same type on the playing field and get EVO points for the gaming high score. Play together with others and see who can make it the furthest.

Instead of the classic 2048 number game, you try to match the same pairs of tiles, each representing an age of history. Unlock more and more tiles over time and discover primeval creatures such as dinosaurs, mammoths and primeval people. Travel through the ages in the puzzle game and get into the future. By collecting EVO points, you push evolution forward and make way for new ages.

Game principle:

  • Move the fields on the playing field and put the same pairs of tiles together
  • Combine the tiles to free other figures like dinosaurs or mammoths and get through different time eras
  • Collect EVO points for the gaming highscore
  • Use your head to plan your moves using strategy
  • You have lost when no more fields can be moved

What's waiting for you:

  • ranked game with high score
  • unlockable epochs of evolution with increasing difficulty
  • unique playing field look
  • different skins of the game surface available
  • 4x4 game surface
  • simple controls and uncomplicated gameplay
  • dynamic background
  • 20 different tiles to discover

Choose between different game skins:

Evolutionary Skin: Survival of the fittest.

  • enjoy creatures and landmarks throughout history
  • dinosaurs and mammoth pocket monster 3D models

Geo skin: Immersive yourself in geometric shapes.

  • classic 2048 puzzle game in a simplified style
  • various colorful geometric shapes in 3d designs

Cute Animals skin: a pleathora of cute farm animals.

  • brand new design
  • 20 sweet animals are waiting for you
  • chibi art style paired with a lowpoly design
  • lovely 3D animal pocket monsters living on a farm together

*The high score ranking system gets refreshed wach month to gurantee a high ranking with much mutual gaming pleasure for the entire playerbase.


A tough week is behind our team, but we can officially announce the successful release of EVOTILES on the international market. Our game is available for android and iOS in about 170 countries. After we were able to build up an active community in Germany, Austria and Switzerland , it is now important to reach players worldwide. Thanks for your great supprot. 🙏

We close the year 2021 with the release of our game EVOTILES in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. EVOTILES is our interpretation of the classic game 2048 with new and distinctive features. In addition, there is now the option of using skins to customize the look of the game. An exciting project for the whole team. More skins will follow.

Evotiles is getting funded by Kreativ-Transfer since the 20th of April. Funds are provided by the Federal Government for Culture and the Media. Kreativ Transfer supports EVOTILES in case of international marketing and visibility. Thereby we are able to offer our app service in different languages in the near future. Besides German and English EVOTILES will also be available in Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. So stay tuned.