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Immerse yourself in the colourful pixelart world of alchemy and become a master.

You would like to conduct your own fantasy like alchemy shop? Run your own potion business.

Potion Party - The pixel style Arcade Game

The popular management simulation game known from PC and consoles is coming to your mobile device. Concoct magic potions and gain the trust of your customers. But keep track of time.

Shop simulator in gorgeous fantasy look

Potion Party is an arcadelike time management game in the great 8-bit retro look. Immerse yourself in a wonderful fantasy world and try to brew difficult magical potions. Use different equipment and ingredients. Grow fruits and process them with mortar and pestle to create colourful potions. Each step requires strategy and efficient time management for success. Manage your workflow carefully to handle different tasks simultaneously. Craft high quality potions to satisfy your clients. Learn new recipes and invest your earnings in more efficient tools. Expand your shop and decorate it with lots of items.


Pick the right ingredients for the order of your customers and brew potions in your alchemy lab. Only the best alchemist will earn the most amount of money. Try to become the greatest alchemist in the neighbourhood.

Many peerless characters

Sell your potions and earn huge amounts of gold. Recruit and unlock unique characters with special abilities for your shop. All of them have different skills, which will improve performance of your store.

Enhance and embellish your alchemy shop

With the help of new items you are able to enhance your store revenue. You can buy e.g. more tables or other appurtenance.

Defend your business against enemies

Try your best to improve procedures, while protecting your shop against evil monsters, annoying enemies and invaders. Get your ingredients and your flasks and light up the cauldron. Are you able to become the next master of alchemy?


  • craft and sell magical potions in your store
  • mix spell powder for potions in different colours
  • upgrade and decorate your alchemy shop step by step
  • unlock more than 20 objects for your store
  • decoration will give you additional benefits like raising income
  • equipment will enable new workflows. Coal from furnace for example allows you to craft black coloured potions
  • defend your store against nasty enemies
  • level up the skills of your characters
  • unlock 11 unique characters with different skills and abilities
  • grind through 12 challenging stages
  • rising difficulty level with enjoyable learning curve
  • story und endless mode accessible
  • up to 5 hours of playable story
  • no micro transactions (all game elements can be unlocked ingame)
  • straightforward and easy navigation


  • great 8-bit pixel look in 2D
  • retro gameplay experience
  • clear and varied design
  • appealing and diversified characters


  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian