Inspired by Jean Giraud's masterpieces

Save humanity from destruction

Aliens try to reach and destroy Capella 2, the capital of Humanity in the Malvion system with a gigantic drillship. The Legacy of the broken Difuel family is key to savin the planet and humanity itself.As Judy Difuel, the well known technician, you will explore terrific planets and fight hords of enemies in this classtop-down shooter.Thanks to Judys outstanding skills she can quickly design new weapons and manipulate enemy equipment for her own benefit.Countles dangers and well kept secrets await you in a strange yet fantastical world inspired by the legendary comic artist Moebius.

Terrific worlds await You

After centuries of searching mankind found a new home in the Malvion system. The united colonies of humanity were established on the planets Capella 1 and Capella 2. These two Planets are orbiting on the perfect distance to the sun for life to thrive on them. Capella 1 is the planet on which humanity settled first. Since the surface of this planet is covered by 85 percent with water the conditions were optimal. Unlike its sister planet Capella 2 is covered mostly in deserts, plains and canyons but also houses valuable minerals. The planet which is furthest away from the sun is Almaaz. It is completely covered in Ice and snow. Here you dont meet many lifeforms, apart from a few renegades and smuggles who seek exile here. Rumor has it that there are ruins of an ancient civilization on this planet.

Meet the best technicican in the Malvionsystem

Judy Difuel was born and raised on Capella 2. Her father raised her alone since her mother died early on. From early on in her life she developed a fascination for robots and space technology. When Judy was 14 years old her father suddenly disappeared without a trace and she was forced to continue his workshop alone. Thanks to her above-average skills as a mechanic she has become a sought after person on Capella 2. She has already invented remarkable equipment which makes it easier for a lot of people to travel through the vast deserts of the planet. Judy has quite a reserved personality and likes to keep to herself. Though she also has a determined side to her if it concerns her work and is ambitious about completing assignments. These traits she inherited from her father. Her greatest desire is to find out what happened to him and why he left her behind so many years ago. However, she gave up her eagerness to actively seek him out years ago. A new trace that points to his whereabouts lets a spark of hope flare up inside of her.

Let the journey begin.

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